在Tech in Asia 的博客上提及到我们的 LP公司

我们作为从通过Instagram餐厅推荐到眨眼拍照的可穿戴式相机的八个创新创业公司之一在Tech in Asia博客中被提及


“This promising startup develops advanced sensor technology, and is currently working on creating a novel type of AR goggles. Their sensitive 3D orientation sensors can be used in different fields from sports to medicine, and even function in naval environments. LP-Research frequently collaborates with other players in hi-tech solutions, from accurately navigating autonomous drones for the European Space Agency to creating innovative solutions for human-device interaction with Google ATP. Going through their portfolio feels like browsing the future.”


Tech in Asia Tokyo 2016今天已经开始。期待您在9月7日,星期三来参观我们的展位!